Public Administration Reference projects from the fields of administration, IT service provider and business planning

The listed references are an extract of approx. 600 installations and 10 000 users. Due to the high flexibility, specially adapted industry solutions are also possible!

References Government The mentioned references are an excerpt of approx. 300 installations and 10,000 users. Due to the high degree of flexibility, even more extensive, specially adapted product solutions are possible!

Vienna networks

Management for 6,700 km of gas pipelines, 23,000 km of power lines & 2,700 km of fibre optic network 

Products: Esri ArcGIS, WebOffice

Gas Connect Austria

Spatial queries, planning, maintenance & software interfaces for the natural gas network in Austria

Products: Esri ArcGIS, WebOffice


WebGIS for the largest cable network operator in Switzerland, mobile data collection & SAP connection

Products: Esri ArcGIS, WebOffice

via donau

Management of landing sites along Austrian waterways

Products: Esri ArcGIS, ProOffice, WebOffice

Airport Zurich

Intraweb Enterprise GIS for object management with ticketing system

Products: Esri ArcGIS, WebOffice


Query and analysis functions for Austrian highways, integration with SAP PM, DMS (DOXiS)

Products: ArcGIS, WebOffice


Management of buildings, facilities and energy infrastructure

Products: Esri ArcGIS, ProOffice

ÖBB Infrastructure AG

GIS-based infrastructure management at ÖBB, integration of internal IT

Products: Esri ArcGIS, WebOffice