Industry and commerce Reference projects in the fields of research, hotels and service providers

The listed references are an extract of approx. 600 installations and 10 000 users. Due to the high flexibility, specially adapted industry solutions are also possible!

References Industry & Commerce The mentioned references are an excerpt of approx. 300 installations and 10,000 users. Due to the high degree of flexibility, even more extensive, specially adapted product solutions are possible!

IHP GmbH, Leibniz Institute for Innovative Microelectronics

Facility Management with CAD-Integration

Products: Esri ArcGIS, ProOffice, WebOffice

Volkswagen AG

Up-to-date environmental & status data of factories and other sites prepared via WebGIS

Products: Esri ArcGIS, WebOffice

OMV Exploration and Production GmbH

WebGIS for infrastructure management with eDMS integration in reporting

Products: Esri ArcGIS, WebOffice

Wohnbau GmbH Prenzlau

Safeguarding the green areas and trees

Products: Esri ArcGIS, ProOffice, WebOffice

Voestalpine AG

WebGIS information and analysis tool for more than 4000 users at 7 locations

Products: Esri ArcGIS, WebOffice


Intraweb WebGIS with eDMS integration, mobile data collection with GPS cameras, data update via third-party systems

Products: ArcGIS, WebOffice

Versatel GmbH

Intranet-WebGIS solution for the second largest fiber optic network provider in Germany

Products: Esri ArcGIS, WebOffice

ILF Consulting Engineers

Planning & status information for projects, information flow evaluation internally and to the customer

Products: Esri ArcGIS, WebOffice